End of the First Year Rebuild | Providence Panther Rugby

End of the First Year Rebuild

Providence lost their final game of the season to Ardery-Kell 5-34 despite the tremendous growth across a young team.  After losing numerous players to graduation from 2018 – 2019,  and low numbers during the 2020 COVID season, Providence Rugby rebounded this year with a 30+ player roster that includes only three seniors.

With a strong defensive stand inside their own 5m, Providence frustrated attempt after attempt by AK to break the line before finally allowing their first try at the 15min mark.  Running four forward pods in a row allowed Junior Nathan Wilson (Hooker) to score the first try of his rugby career and the only score for Providence.  An error by the Ref, in his first game after a lengthy hiatus, turned the ball over to AK resulting in a score of 5-12 at the half.  From that point the game was primarily filled with Referee gaffes and solid runs by AK, with flashes of brilliance from our new Panthers.  Toby Stamps (Freshman, scrumhalf) and Captain Braedon Butte (Sophomore, open-side flanker) led the team with 11 tackles each.  Butte and Junior Sean Moran also each created two turnovers.

While the Winter 2021 season is officially over, Providence and AK are planning a rematch scrimmage on 2/19 to aid in the growth of players on both teams.